As Ohio embarks on a new Chapter in it’s history. You may wanna familiarize your self with these Medical Cannabis-Terms.

SATIVAThis particular strain of the Cannabis plant will have you upbeat and possibly “giggling” your bottom off. Sativa dominant strains tend to make one feel more active and uplifted. People with depression, mood disorders as well as a host of other disorders should try a Sativa dominant Strain.

Indica This particular strain of cannabis will make you “Slow” things down. Indica dominant strains induce a very relaxed and sedate effect. People with Parkinson’s disease, ALS, high anxiety disorders, pain issues and muscle disorders should seek out a Indica dominant strain.

Cannabinoid The cannabis plant produces compounds known as “Cannabanoids” that align with cannabinoid receptors to produce either the psychoactive or medicinal effects associated with medical cannabis. Cannabinoids are concentrated into a structure that is known as a “Trichome”.

HYBRID Should be known as the “Modern Family” of cannabis. Hybrid strains usually are a mix of Indica/Sativa genetic traits from the plant. Hybrid strains are great for medicinal use in almost all catagories.

TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL (THC) refers to a psychotropic cannabanoid (dronabinol trade name for Marinol)  and is the principal psychoactive component of cannabis. 

TRICHOME are the fine hair like crystals that give cannabis a frosty look. Trichomes consist of a resin gland and a stalk gland that produce cannabinoids.

TERPENE These fragrant and aromatic compounds give cannabis it’s many fragrant aromas and flavors. Certain strains of cannabis have higher/lower concentrations of terpenes and may have varying affects on patients.

CBD is a compound in cannabis that has high medicinal properties but no psychoactive effects. CBD will not make patients feel “High or Stoned” when they use a medicine.

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