December 16, 2010…. A day in which I’ll never forget. It’s the day which my mother died from complications due to pancreatic cancer. The amount of unnecessary discomfort and pain my mother endured is what led me to start researching medical cannabis. I often thought to myself, What if there was something my Mother could have taken which didn’t have so many side effects? Side effects that basically rendered my mother unable to speak and totally “Out of it”.

I never thought my home state of Ohio would legalize medical cannabis, But I’m happy it’s happened ¬†for the many families that need it. Medical Cannabis has been proven to help ease symptoms for some serious conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Seizure control all while having lots of medicinal properties.

With Ohio being labeled as the epicenter of the “Opioid Crisis”, Isn’t it time that we look for other more natural cures instead of Opiates? It’s time we become more proactive than reactive in this fight against Opioids. I invite you to join me as The Ohio Cannabusiness Magazine seeks to Educate, Inform and Inspire the public on The business of Cannabis in Ohio and the world.

Karl E. Brown,

Founder, Ohio Cannabusiness Magazine

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