On Tuesday, October 1, 2019, the first cannabis cafe in the United States opened its doors.

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, or “Lowell Cafe” is located on 1201 N La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood, California.  Serving farm fresh food, coffee, juice, and cannabis. Lowell Cafe is the first restaurant in the United States where guests can openly smoke cannabis.

The Lowell Farms team created the Lowell Cafe “because we believed there needed to be a destination for everyone to openly enjoy cannabis in the community.” Lowell Cafe is a place for those who are canna-curious and the cannabis connoisseurs looking to experience the plant in a welcoming atmosphere. There hasn’t been anything like this in existence for over 100 years, dating back to pre-prohibition era cannabis tea pads. We’re excited to set the standard on what a cannabis cafe is and create this space for the community.”

The Lowell Cafe is the first of its kind.  Its creation was made possible by the city of West Hollywood and its vision for creating experiences and destinations welcoming for cannabis consumers. The Lowell Farms team said, “We’re grateful to the city of West Hollywood and their continued support in developing the cafe.” They created eight cannabis consumption licenses in total and worked with the county and state on all legal logistics. We applied and were granted a license first out of over 300+ applicants, making Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe the first business in the U.S. granted a fully legal cannabis consumption license.” 

Guests to Lowell Cafe will experience tableside Flower Service from a Flower Host.  A Flower Host plays an important role at Lowell Cafe.  Similar to the way that a sommelier explains wines, a Flower Host will explain strains, flavors, and their effects and make recommendations to the customers.

While consuming cannabis through smoking, joints, pipes, bongs, and edibles, guests can also enjoy the world-class cuisine of Le Cordon Bleu-trained Executive Chef Andrea Drummer.

Chef Andrea Drummer

The menu at Lowell Cafe was created by Chef Andrea Drummer, who is a leader in both the culinary and cannabis worlds.  Chef Drummer has created a first-of-its-kind menu that is designed to complement to heightened senses from cannabis. Chef Drummer’s menu is reflective of California flavors with its farm-to-table experience for both cuisine and cannabis. 

Chef Drummer has been a strong supporter of the movement to legalize cannabis.  She gained a wealth of knowledge about cannabis and innovated edible cuisine to access the full properties of the cannabis plant during her time working with local activists and allies.

Chef Drummer attended Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles and launched her cooperative, Elevation VIP in 2012.  Chef Drummer is known for her THC and CBD-infused cuisine.  She has crafted meals for the likes of Miguel, Wiz Khalifa, and Chelsea Handler.

Chef Drummer possesses the unique ability to pair a strain with a dish that complements its particular flavor profile. Her balancing of terpenes and flavor has created an unparalleled dining experience that redefines food pairings. 

Chef Drummer has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, The LA Times, and Marie Claire. She is currently the editor of and was recently named 1 of 10 Top Cannabis Chefs in the Country.  She has also appeared on two Netflix originals displaying her expertise: Chelsea Does! & Cooking On High.

Flower Hosts

OCB Magazine spoke with Bianca Blanche, a Flower Host at Lowell Cafe, who also serves as a copywriter and blogger for Lowell Farms.  Blanche has been working as a Flower Host since Lowell Cafe’s opening.  She told us that working at Lowell Cafe has been a great experience so far.  

Blanche said that her personal favorite items on the menu are from A Golden State, a Northern California brand that grows its flower from Mt. Shasta snowmelt.  Hard-pressed to pick one favorite, Blanch said she is torn between the Honeyflower, which is a hybrid and the Woods, which is a sativa.

Blanche also has recommendations for the novice cannabis consumer.  Caliva, a company based out of  San Jose, has a Toasties Pre-Roll product that has extremely mild levels of THC.  For example, the Toasties Bold Pre-Roll contains just 12% THC, (compared with her preferred Woods by A Golden State which contains 29% THC).

Blanche would like our readers to know that all the food at Lowell Cafe is non-infused and delicious.  There is an indoor consumption area, an outdoor consumption patio, and nonconsumption areas.  “It is the only place like it in the nation!”

The Lowell Cafe Team

The Lowell Cafe’s historic opening wouldn’t have been able to be accomplished without its experienced management team.

The Lowell Cafe’s opening was led by Kevin Brady, Director of Restaurant for Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe.  Brady is a seasoned restaurant and hospitality veteran who has opened top venues on the West Coast. During his tenure with the TAO Group, he ushered in TAO’s Hollywood expansion, among other famed nightlife establishments.  Brady studied at Cornell’s prestigious hotel administration program and is a hospitality graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Another key player on the Lowell Cafe team is its General Manager Lily Estanislao.  Estanislao is a restaurant and hospitality veteran who was born and raised on the East Coast. A lover of all things comedy, Estanislao merged her passions while managing the Comedy Cellar in NYC for several years. In terms of venues, Estanislao has run the gamut from intimate locations to corporate leaders including the TAO Group.  A first-generation Filipina, her prior experience in opening celebrated destinations on both coasts, and her tenacious attention to detail have assisted in curating an entirely unique experience at the first-ever cannabis restaurant. 

Visiting Lowell Cafe

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe

Location: 1201 N La Brea Ave West Hollywood, CA

Parking: The restaurant has a lot and street parking is also available *Everyone on your team must be 21+ to enter

Hours: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM ; Daily

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