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If you are a couple about to say, “I do,” and loves cannabis. Have you thought of incorporating cannabis into your wedding?  The cannabis wedding industry is on the rise.  

Celebratory Cannabis

In states with legal recreational cannabis like Washington, Colorado, Nevada, California, Maine, and Oregon, some couples are opting to incorporate cannabis into their big day by hosting a cannabis bar or tent area or a celebratory smoke. As another option to the traditional alcohol bar, brides and grooms are offering their guests a cannabis bar with many different types of bud, hash, dabs, vapes, and edibles. 

There are also many ways to incorporate cannabis into the meal.  Consider working with an elite chef that specializes in cannabis cuisine.  In San Francisco, Michael Magallanes, who trained at Michelin-starred restaurants launched a company called Opulent Chef that specializes in private dinners that incorporate cannabis into the dishes.  Los Angeles-based The Herbal Chef by chef Chris Sayegh stages private cannabis dinners that can include up to 25 courses.

Chef Chris explains his cooking, “I am absolutely in love with food and life.  I thrive under pressure. I live off of the excitement. I am a perfectionist. I will never serve anything that isn’t made from the highest quality ingredients and up to my standards. I will NEVER compromise this. I create intriguing and delectable food first, and infuse it with cannabis second. It is always about the food, the people eating, and Mother Earth.”

Cannabis also makes a great wedding favor.  Imagine sending your guests home with a selection of your favorite edibles.  Edibles also make great gifts for your wedding party.  Some of our favorite upscale edibles include To Whom It May chocolates, Marigold Sweets, and Lord Jones Sweets.

Cannabis to Wear

Cannabis is not just for consumption!  Some ways that couples are choosing to incorporate cannabis into their big day include the bride and bridesmaids carrying bouquets with cannabis buds and flowers and the groom and groomsmen wearing boutonnieres with cannabis leaves and buds.

There are also companies that design hemp wedding dresses and shoes and jewelry featuring cannabis leaves and buds.  Hemp is a sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric material that has been used by designers to create gorgeous wedding apparel.  

A couple companies that specialize in wedding dresses that incorporate hemp into their designs include High Vibe Bride and Tara Lynn Bridal.  Some popular brands that create high-end cannabis-inspired jewelry include Genifer M and High Society Collection. 

Cannabis-Friendly Destinations

Cannabis-friendly destination weddings are also on the rise.  If your state will not allow it, consider other states that will.  In Las Vegas, The Cannabis Chapel is a novelty wedding venue that performs cannabis-themed ceremonies and vow renewals.  Las Vegas is also home to the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, which is the largest dispensary in the country.

Seattle is another cannabis-friendly destination with unique options for a cannabis-friendly wedding.  Seattle is home to the Cannabus, which offers a mobile lounge, tours, and is available as a transportation option for your guests.  Washington is also home to Leira handcrafted cannabis cigars, made from organic flowers, glazed in solvent free rosin, and sealed in cannabis leaves.

Portland is another great destination for cannabis lovers to say “I do.”  Portland is home to the Jupiter Hotel, which offers a 420 package complete with a munchie kit, vape pen, lighter, grinder, rolling papers, and discount coupons to local dispensaries.  Portland is also home to High 5 Tours, which can offer your guests a chance to learn about the local cannabis culture and take them to the Green Mile, where there are numerous dispensaries to explore.

Cannabis Wedding Resources

If you know that you’d like to incorporate cannabis into your wedding, but still have no idea where to start, you can get an education at a wedding expo or working with an experienced event planner.

The Cannabis Wedding Expo is an event where professionals from the cannabis industry educate couples on how to safely and intelligently incorporate cannabis into their special day.  The Cannabis Wedding Expo host events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, and Las Vegas and offers brides and grooms the opportunity to interact with some of the top cannabis vendors in the industry. 

There are also event planners who specialize in incorporating cannabis into your special day.  Consider checking out Love and Marij or Bridal Bliss – both companies are well-known for their experience working with couples who want to incorporate cannabis into their special day.

Cannabis and the Law

No matter how you choose to incorporate cannabis into your wedding festivities, you should research your state’s cannabis laws and consult with your venue to ensure that they are fine with your plans.  Attempting to sneak in cannabis could mean trouble for you and the venue. 

If you are traveling to your wedding, consider how you are going to get your cannabis to the venue.  Flying with cannabis is never a good idea.  Always obtain your cannabis from a legal source and have a responsible party handle the shopping and distribution.  The safest way to serve cannabis at your wedding would be to contract with a legally authorized dispensary in the area where the wedding is held because it would be familiar with any local rules and regulations that would affect your event.

Proper planning and obtaining the appropriate permissions is the key to hosting a successful cannabis wedding.

Also remember that you can be held responsible for your guests if they get into an accident after your wedding and they were “overserved” at your event.  Having an experienced budtender serve at your event is always a good idea as is offering transportation services for any guests who may need it.

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