Cincinnati city council members Chris Smitherman and Jeff Pastor are proposing legislation to decriminalize cannabis. It would mean that anyone caught in the city with a small amount of marijuana would not face jail time or have to pay a fine.
Pastor said in an interview with Cincinnati’s WLWT News 5. “Decriminalizing the drug is a small step toward criminal justice reform.”
“I think the trend now is that we’re going to a full recreational legislation probably three or four years out. Following the national trends with states like California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and Washington, typically they start off with medical marijuana legislation and then recreational legislation,” Pastor said.
Pastor and Smitherman plan to meet to discuss how this looks legislatively.
This legislation follows similar legislation recently voted on by the city of Norwood. Voters in Norwood passed a cannabis ordinance in November that means anyone caught with less than 200 grams, or just under a half-pound, cannot be fined or face jail time.
Smitherman said a series of public hearings will follow before council votes, deciding if the issue should go on the ballot.

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