Ohio Cannabusiness Magazine’s Guide To Medical Cannabis Edibles.

  1. Start Slow: Start with very low doses until you know how cannabis edibles will effect your body and mind.
  2. Give It Time: Edibles may take up to 2 hours before taking effect. Allow for time in between dosing cycles.
  3. Don’t Mix: With other medications, alcohol or street drugs.
  4. Lock Up Your Cannabis Medicine: Keep your Cannabis edibles secure and away from children, other adults and pets.



Start here if you’re new to medical Cannabis edibles. Use a low dose and gauge your body’s response.


If you have been taking medical cannabis edibles for a while and feel as though you require a larger dose. Start Here.


You’ve been taking Medical Cannabis a while and require the highest dose.

If you’re a medical Cannabis patient, Please note that medical cannabis edibles will effect each individual differently.

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