Our Mission

TO EDUCATE, INFORM and INSPIRE the public on the business of medicinal and adult use cannabis in Ohio and throughout the world.

Our Goal Within Our Mission

To make medicinal cannabis less controversial. To erase fears and anxiety in regards to medicinal cannabis by the general public. While influencing our readers through national, state and local reporting of exciting, insightful and passionate reporting.

Our Content Strategy

  • Educate– The Ohio Cannabusiness Magazine wants to share our knowledge with our readers by taking our reader inside the story. We want our readers to gain valuable insight on what the business of Cannabis involves via written web articles and video.
  • Inform– The Ohio Cannabusiness Magazine wants to inform our readers on Ohio cannabis laws, technology, insurance, banking, health, cannabis products, government, Cannabis tourism, Politics and security.
  • Inspire– We hope to inspire our readers to get involved in the Cannabis movement and gain a deeper understanding of what Cannabusiness means.